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Can I cut the cost of my BMW Series 1 car insurance? Where can I find BMW Series 1 car insurance? What is the BMW Series 1? BMW Series 1 cars have been around since 2004 and are known for being compact and ultra-luxurious.
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Help deciding which car to get new driver. Are Bmw 1 series cheap to run. Buying my sister a car BMW or Mercedes? Can someone please give me a rough idea how much insurance will cost? BMW 7 Series E38 1994-2001.
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1 of 4. Go to page. Feb 11, 2009. Feb 14, 2008 Messages. Feb 11, 2009. I went to the website to get a quote for a second hand 2005 toyota tazz and the cheapest quote came out to be about R900 for a comprehensive insurance. And just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how much it would cost for a new VW Polo Classic and the cheapest comprehensive insurance quote on the website one was about R1800 per month.
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You wont get insurance for 200, but a more expensive, newer car will usually result in a lower premium as stated in the article a car of around 5000, in value will tend to have a lower premium than a cheap banger. I would suggest that perhaps someone would take more care driving a 5000, car than they would driving one which cost just 4% of that. August 24, 2012 at 141: am. Where does that cut off though, David? I passed my test in March, I brought a 1.4L Corsa SXI for 2000, and insured it for 4300. The Corsa is a 53 plate and in mint condition. Assuming that your logic is correct, I should be able to insure my BMW 1 Series Coupe for less just based on the fact that its worth 20000, more and I have no intentions of driving it like an idiot.
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Compare car insurance Set a reminder I don't' know my registration number BMW 1 Series models. Available as both 3 and 5-door compact hatchbacks and a sports coupe, the BMW 1 Series has a wide choice of interior specifications and finishes, including a BMW 1 Series convertible coupe from 2008.
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BMW also makes seats and interiors for luxury airlines. Several current models of BMW are available including the 1 series BMWs smallest car, the 6 series and the iPerformance series a new plug-in hybrid line among many others. The BMW 328i and the BMW X5 are among some of the most sought-after models. BMW has corporate sponsorships ranging in industry from healthcare to arts to education, but their primary focus is in the areas of motorsports, golf, and sailing. They have enduring sponsorships with the PGA championship and Copa Del Rey sail racing competition among numerous other events. BMW AVERAGE MONTHLY INSURANCE RATES.
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BMW 1 SERIES. Back to 1 SERIES Back to BMW. BMW 1 Series Lease. The BMW 1-Series is scarcely more than a decade old but already in its short life-span it has amassed a reputation as one of BMWs best models.
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Refuel at no charge. Insurance and car tax included. Standard registration fee. BMW Série 1, MINI, MINI Clubman. MINI Convertible Summer. 1 April to 31 October. MINI Convertible Winter. 1 November to 31 March. BMW i3, BMW Série 2 Active Tourer. Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles. Collision Damage Waiver. Free of charge. Stop off en route without ending the rental. Parking, Sun to Thu. 10 PM to 6 AM. Free of charge. Reserving a vehicle. For 15 minutes. Free of charge. Sun to Thu, 10 PM to 6 AM. Free of charge. Additional fees for special. at start/end of rental. Long drives that dont cost the earth.
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