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His insurance policy had open drive cover for drivers over 25. When I contacted the insurance company I found out that he had never taken me off as a named driver on his policy. He had been covering me for over 25 years, around 20 years unnecessarily. Axa were the company, and on the basis of my clean record as a named driver they gave me a full NCB on an additional policy to cover the car. Current: BMW 630i Sport auto 07, BMW 530i SE auto 07, BMW 530i Sport auto 02, BMW 318i SE Touring 07, BMW Z4 2.5si Auto 07, BMW 325i Coupe 93, BMW 328i Coupe 96, BMW 316i Lux 90. Previous: BMW 330Ci Sport 04, BMW 520d SE auto 11, BMW 523i SE 00, BMW 328i SE Touring 00, BMW 523i SE 97 E39, BMW 323i SE 98 E36, 330Ci 00, 325i Coupe 93, 318Ci 01, 316iSE 98, 325iSE 2dr 91, 320i Conv 91, 325i Coupe 92, 320i 2dr 91.
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Posts: 336 Joined: Thu Oct 04, 2007 612: pm Drives: M3 GTII PSN / XBOX Tag: PSN: Lubi325i. Re: E36 classic car insurance? Post by Lubi325 Fri Jan 22, 2016 1117: pm. Anyone a member of the BMW car club?

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