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Here is a list of the most popular BMW models that we can provide an insurance quote for.: Classic Car Insurance. Classic Van Insurance. Multi-Car Classic Insurance. Land Rover Insurance. Military Vehicle Insurance. Kit Car Insurance. Performance Car Insurance. Modified Car Insurance.
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Mark Wilkinson Managing Director of Heritage Classic Car Insurance. Modern classic cars are today future investments and its amazing how quickly the next new thing becomes a thing of the past. The BMW Z3 is exactly this and is now appreciated for what it was and what it is today.
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Shows, track days, wedding and hire insurance. Insurance when your classic isn't' roadworthy. Insurance for modern classics. Classic Car Insurance Companies. Grove Dean Hagerty It's' Classic. Ask A Reader. Search the forum. Ask Honest John. Honest John Classics Ask Honest John Will the BMW Z3 become a classic?
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Different insurers define the age of a classic car differently, so you might find that the older your car is the more options you will have when it comes to insuring your new-found classic. Classic car policies tend to cover vehicles with relatively low annual mileage, so if you have an older car and just use it as a runaround you might be eligible for a classic car insurance policy.
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BMW Z3 M Car Insurance. The Z3 M coupe is famous for its unique styling and is instantly recognisable on the roads. Whether the coupe or the roadster, if youre the proud owner of this rebellious, individualistic car, we can help. BMW Z4 M Car Insurance. The menacing BMW Z4 M is a 338bhp pocket-sized power machine. With its great looks and great performance, it truly is a car designed with the driver in mind. Modified BMW M Car Insurance. Many owners of high performance BMWs choose to make further aftermarket modifications to their vehicle. It can be tough to get good value on your modified BMW insurance with mainstream insurers. At Keith Michaels, as fellow performance and modified car enthusiasts we are able to tailor your modified BMW insurance quote to suit your exact requirements. Find out more about our modified car insurance services; we cover all sorts of BMW modifications also suited for vehicles used as second cars, on limited mileage and as cherished cars. If you have any of the above BMWs, or one not mentioned here, we will endeavour to get you the best BMW Car Insurance quote available. Classic Car Insurance.
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The 3 Series Coupe alone spans insurance groups 21-42, so if youre worried about the insurance costs, choose your model and engine size wisely. The age of your car will also affect the cost older cars might be cheaper to buy but may cost more to insure as their safety features and economic performance might not be up to the standards of a modern BMW.
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The BMW Z3 is one of those cars that forces you to question the sense in buying an older, more established classic. Usable, great to drive, safe and reliable, you can buy a superb Z3 for less than the cost of a ropey old MG or Triumph. Of course the Z3 doesnt have the charm of these older cars and it isnt as interesting, but if you are after a cheap two-seater convertible for some year-round fun, few classic cars will tick as many boxes as the Z3. The four-cylinder engines are reasonably muscular, but even if youre not a performance junkie its worth going for a six-cylinder car because these are the best to drive and are likely to prove the most collectible in the long term.
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Thu 26 Jan 2012 0819.: bmw z3 Second car insurance Bobbin Threadbare. Ooh very nice Craig. I have heard a suggestion whereby you can persuade a classic car insurer that a vehicle over 10 years old and out of production is therefore a classic.

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