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Classic car insurance is more widely available to drivers over the age of 25 if youre above this age, your car is over 10 or 15 years old, and your mileage is below average, you could get a great deal on classic car insurance.
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That is how we can provide the best cover on the market, whether you own a classic BMW or a modern sports car or saloon. So get in touch today by calling our dedicated BMW insurance team or go online to obtain a BMW quote.
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Insure your classic BMW with Heritage. If youd like to know more about BMW classic car insurance why not call us today on 0121 248 9475 or fill in the form below to receive a callback from our team. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.
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Many of our staff are club members themselves, so we understand how people feel about their cars and wilk go the extra mile the get the best rates. Flux also has schemes for modified and classic BMWs, young drivers and limited mileage policies. Read more about Adrian Fluxs range of BMW insurance schemes or call free on 0800 369 8590. Eligible clubs and communities: BMW Car Club, BMW Club, E30 Zone,,, BMWLand, M3 Cutters.
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Here is a list of the most popular BMW models that we can provide an insurance quote for.: Classic Car Insurance. Classic Van Insurance. Multi-Car Classic Insurance. Land Rover Insurance. Military Vehicle Insurance. Kit Car Insurance. Performance Car Insurance. Modified Car Insurance.
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BMW Classic Car Insurance. Popular models weve recently obtained quotes for include: BMW 325, BMW 320, BMW CSi, BMW 635 BMW 507. Peter Best Insurance Services can source competitive quotes for classic BMW car models wherever you are in the UK.

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